Team motivation and training to face business projects and challenges

Team sailing is a suitable formula in a superb outdoor scene for recreating and developing corporate working environment. Sailing is a natural teambuilding activity, if crew members don’t communicate and coordinate efficiently with one another the boat will simply not sail. Good crew is not found, is made.

Trough one or several sessions the participants will take on the challenge to face up an amateur regatta against colleagues or a voyage along with them.

Valencia Corporate Sail TeambuildingFor that, they will have to get hurriedly used to the sailboat and the sea, use a new nautical jargon to express ideas and intentions and adapt their physical condition to trim the sails and move on board balancing well. The pitch because of the waves, the wind roles and changes on heading, the countdown to starting line… Everyone will try to apply their common understanding useless to a new environment that will require from then a new divergent thinking that will foster their creativity by exploring possible solutions in a short amount of time. There will be no time to think, everyone will act spontaneously, under pressure, showing their strengths and weaknesses. This will be the most valuable moment, when each one will be fully aware of teammates individual potential. In the middle of a magic and energetic blue sea, gentle breeze and sunny day they will discover the imperative: keep their emotions under control, joint action and team support to overcome individual limits. They will have made up a team…

Skipper-coaches will instruct and accompany the participants, guaranteeing their safety. Simultaneously skipper-coaches will collect all team performance relevant information to following feedback.

We adapt our programs to companies goals and objectives, involving everyone who will have the responsibility of achieving those goals and objectives. To that effect specific contents are defined hand in hand with our clients. 

  • Communication skills
  • Team empowerment
  • Leathership and coordination
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Team performance vs individual performance
  • Change management
  • Reponse to unexpected events
  • Interpersonal relationships
Valencia Corporate Sail TeambuildingValencia Corporate Sail Teambuilding